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study mbbs in russia

If you want to study MBBS in Russia, you will have to appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET. This is applicable even if you want to study MBBBs in India. Many students feel deterred to study MBBS in a foreign country. However, studying MBBS in Russia can prove to be a rewarding experience, and on returning to your country, you can quickly establish yourself as a successful doctor. Some of the factors that you must know about studying MBBS in Russia are as follows:

Rigorous course: When you study MBBS in Russia, the first thing that you must know is that medical studies in the country are a rigorous process. When you study MBBS in Russia, you have to prepare yourself to study it for six years. After that, you will have to do a one-year internship to complete your studies. Medical colleges in Russia are strict about submitting assignments, pursuing classes, and staying up to date with the class programs. Thus, you can be assured that you will have a thorough knowledge of medicine after the course.

NEET qualification: For MBBS in Russia, a good NEET score is necessary, especially if you have a particular university in mind. You need to check the exact requirement of the university and accordingly score in the NEET. Moreover, you will have to score an aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to qualify for Russian universities.

Security and safety for foreign students: There are excellent safety and security measures for all international students coming to study MBBS in Russia. The universities are equipped with CCTV surveillance, and all institutes prioritize the safety of all students coming to study in Russia. Other than that, you can also partake of facilities like self-cooking, hostels, and unique amenities for visiting students.

Fee structure: Suppose you are looking to evaluate the MBBS Fees in Russia in Russia. In that case, you need to understand that there are numerous scholarships available for students with excellent academic records. Otherwise, students have to bear the tuition fees of Rs. 400000 to Rs. 500000. Along with that, they will have to pay for their living expenses. However, most institutes offer facilities that allow students to earn while studying. If you evaluate, then expenses incurred whiles studying in Russia is equivalent to studying in the USA or Australia.

Thus, pursuing MBBS in Russia may not be a distant dream because, unlike many other countries, you can opt for numerous scholarships and support offered by the government, making it easier for you to study in the country. The only thing you need to remember is that Russia is colder than India, and hence you will need to prepare yourself to adjust to the climate. If you manage that, you will find that studying in Russia can be an excellent experience regarding the quality of education and studying in a foreign country.

  • MBBS in Russia without NEET

    NEET is required for doing MBBS in Russia. Indian students must qualify for the NEET Exam for doing MBBS in Russia.

  • MBBS in Russia duration

    Duration for MBBS in Russia is six years.

  • MBBS in Russia for Indian students

    It’s a dream of every medical student to become a certified Doctor from any top-most University, but due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, students are not been able to find out their dream university.

    In order to choose the best university for your MBBS studies, you should first know about the University in some specific countries like Russia. MBBS in Russia is extremely simple and you can make your dreams come true easily. MBBS in Russia is perfect option for those Indian students who have attempted so many times and given their best but yet unsuccessful to get admission into an Indian Medical College.

    In order to get admission in Best Medical College of Russia, all you require is to get 50% marks in 10+2 with science and a good NEET score. Indian students don’t require to qualify for the IELTS/TOEFL exam or any other English language exams for admission.

    MBBS in Russia is dream destination of every international student because universities in Russia provides quality education in low fee. Russian federation gets funds from the government to offer quality education at the lowest cost.

  • Reasons to study MBBS in Russia

    • Low Tuition Fee
    • Affordable Living Cost
    • No Religious Issues
    • Exciting Student Life
    • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Study in English
    • Global Recognition of Degree
    • World Class Modern Equipment
    • Easy Admission Procedure 
    • Hostel Facility
    • High Quality of Education
    • MCI & WHO Approved Universities
    • Ragging Free Environment in Universities

  • How many years is MBBS in Russia?

    Duration for MBBS in Russia is six years.

  • Is MBBS easy in Russia?

    Yes, MBBS in Russia is easy. Student from all over the world can take admission in MBBS easily.
    Fee is low and admission process is very easy.

  • Is NEET required for doing MBBS in Russia?

    Yes NEET is required for doing MBBS in Russia. Indian students must qualify for the NEET Exam for doing MBBS in Russia.

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